Fishipedia Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia – Day 2

December 9th, 2014| No Comments

Fishipedia Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia - Day 2

In part two of his report from Kooi Noom in Patagonia, Ben Etridge goes spring creek nymphing…  
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Fishipedia Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia – Day 1

December 8th, 2014| No Comments

Fishipedia Trip-Report: Kooi Noom - Day 1

Regular readers will know all about Kooi Noom, the red-hot new Patagonian fishery we’ve been waxing lyrical about recently. Not-so-regular readers: click here and here to catch up, but the short version is this: it’s seriously remote, hardly anyone has ever fished there, the fish (very large rainbows) have pretty much never seen a fly, and you can sight-fish for them. Appetite sufficiently whetted? Good, then you’ll like this next part – the UK booking agent for Kooi Noom and friend of Fishipedia, Ben Etridge, is currently down there and has agreed to do a series of guest blogs over the next few days to let us know how he’s getting on. So, without further ado, here’s part one…  
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Fishipedia Q&A: Nico Trochine – Head Guide at Kooi Noom, Patagonia

November 26th, 2014| No Comments

Fishipedia Q&A: Nico Trochine

Nico Trochine is the kind of man it’s easy to be jealous of. His youthful exterior belies a wealth of fishing and guiding experience – on Tierra del Fuego’s Rio Irigoyen, the salmon rivers of Iceland, and plenty of other places in between. These days you’ll find him (along with his twin brother, Alex) running the fishing programme at red-hot “new” fishery, Kooi Noom in Patagonia.  

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Video Goodness Fly Fishing San Lazaro, Cuba

November 19th, 2014| No Comments

After Rickard Sjöberg managed to catch his first permit on the fly, the road to his first Grand Slam was paved.

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Video Goodness: 2 Permit in 15 Minutes

November 19th, 2014| No Comments

It was Paulo’s second day on the flats. Just 24 before these two shots he had just lost his bonefish virginity.

Stephan decided to take him along for a day of Permit hunting…

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Hot New Destination Alert: Kooi Noom, Argentina – Where Giant Rainbows Rule

October 8th, 2014| No Comments

Hot New Destination: Kooi Noom, Argentina

How many genuinely undiscovered fisheries are there left on this planet? If you’ve spent any time travelling and fishing, it’s a question you’ll have pondered. We’ve all imagined ourselves in some remote corner of the planet, having stumbled across virgin water where the fish, uneducated in the ways of the modern angler, feed with reckless abandon, making heroes of even modest fishermen.  

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Stuff We Like #4: Kalik Beer

September 15th, 2014| No Comments

Stuff We Like #4: Kalik BeerThe national brew of the Bahamas. It’s like all other beer, just that little bit better

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Land of Giants: Keith Rose-Innes to Appear at Farlows, London

September 5th, 2014| No Comments

Land of Giants: Keith Rose-Innes to Appear at Farlows, London

Strangest thing. Here we were, just getting over the initial excitement of seeing ‘9 Degrees South – Land of Giants’ (the 25-minute Seychelles-set GT smash-em-up that’s been doing the rounds recently), when news reached us that the film’s star, Keith Rose-Innes, is set to appear at Farlows, London. 

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Video Goodness: 9 Degrees South – The Land of Giants full film

September 4th, 2014| No Comments

Video Goodness: 9 degrees south – The Land of Giants full film Step 1: put aside 25 minutes of your day to watch this film about fishing for GTs on the fly on a remote atoll in the Seychelles.  

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Top 5: New Products from ICAST & IFTD Shows

July 22nd, 2014| No Comments

Our round-up of the most drool-worthy bits of tackle from fishing’s top trade shows

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