Top 5: New Products from ICAST & IFTD Shows

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Our round-up of the most drool-worthy bits of tackle from fishing’s top trade shows

Fishipedia Top 5: Scott Tidal Series

Scott Tidal Series Fly Rod

So two of fishing’s biggest trade shows have come and gone for another year. Companies have presented their sparkliest, shiniest new inventions to the world – time will now tell which of those products plant their feet firmly in the tackle-buying landscape and which ones drift away. Here’s the stuff we’re most excited about.

1. Scott Tidal Series Fly Rod

OK, so the Sage SALT Fly Rod picked up the Best of Show award at IFTD 2014, but it’s hard to get too excited about another range of $800+ rods that most of us simply can’t afford, however good they are. Scott’s new Tidal Series looks a much more exciting proposition for anglers of the salty persuasion. These rods come with all the precision engineering you’d expect from Scott, they’ve been rigorously tested on the flats of Florida Keys, promise to add distance and power to those of us with the more, ahem, modest of skills and look really very tasty indeed. Retailing at around $475, we expect these to fly.

2. Nautilus CCFX2 Silver King – Best Reel (Saltwater) and Best Reel (Freshwater) at IFTD 2014

What is it about Nautilus reels? It’s pretty simple really – they’re stronger than a titanium cockroach, and they’re just so pretty with it. This latest model from Kristen Mustad’s lab, a double award-winner at 2014’s IFTD, is yet another triumph. A narrow spool with big capacity means you pick up plenty of line with every turn of the handle, while the meticulously engineered and drilled frame keeps weight to an absolute minimum. At $685, it’s hardly a budget option, but it’s by no means the most expensive out there either. Just look at the thing:

3. Fishpond Delta Sling – Best Chest Pack/Vest at IFTD 2014

We love a decent sling pack here at Fishipedia, our current favourite being the Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling. Truth be told, a sling would have to be going some to overtake that particular model in our affections. Not having rigorously tested it (yet), we couldn’t say for certain, but the Fishpond Delta Sling looks a contender…

4. STORMR Fusion Bib – Best of Show (Technical Apparel) at ICAST 2014

An excellent bit of wet-weather gear, this. It’s lightweight and breathable, with neoprene panels to give you more flexibility and mobility, plus plenty of internal and external pockets for storage. This will work for both fly and lure fishermen. Looking forward to giving one of these a thorough workout.

5. Savage Gear 3D Manic Crab – Best of Show (Soft Lure) at ICAST 2014

Now here’s something we’ve been waiting an inordinately long time for – a convincing crab lure. There are loads of shrimp patterns and baitfish imitations out there, but until now the humble crab (a staple of fish the world over) has been disappointingly under-represented in the top-quality artificial arena. Step forward Savage Gear, purveyors of some of the most exciting, innovative lures of recent times. Utilising a 3D scan of a live crab as the template, the SG folks have come up with crazily life-like pattern – the legs skitter and vibrate as it falls through the water and the matching stand-up jig-head means it remains in a claws-up, defensive position when you twitch it along the bottom. We know plenty of saltwater bass anglers around Europe who are particularly excited about this, but its appeal will stretch far beyond. A potential game-changer.

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