Fishing in the UK

For a small country, the UK packs a big punch in sportfishing terms, with a long history and tradition to match some of its stellar sport.

Just an hour or so from London are the chalkstreams of southern England – rivers such as the Test and Itchen – where modern dry fly-fishing techniques were pioneered in gin-clear waters famous for their abundant mayfly hatches and pristine fish.

Less well known, but equally as spectacular, are the wild rivers and streams of Wales, home to some exceptional fly-fishing for brown trout. And then of course, there are the salmon rivers of northern England and Scotland. Names such as the Tay, Tweed, Spey and the Dee conjure up images of classic salmon water in rugged countryside.

Recent years have also seen an explosion in the popularity of saltwater fishing for bass in the UK – light-tackle lure fishing in particular has come to the fore, while fly anglers have increasingly switched on to this prized game fish as a potential target.

The scale might not be comparable with the wilderness fisheries of North America and elsewhere, but in terms of accessibility and quality, fishing in the UK more than makes up for it.

Where to fish in the UK

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