Fishing on Cuba’s North Coast

The fishing along Cuba’s north coast may have been eclipsed in recent years by the dazzling flats opportunities off the south coast, but it would be a foolish man who overlooked the fishing piscatorial potential up here. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Cuba Welcome, an excellent inshore fishery (with a focus on tarpon) has been opened up recently at Cayo Las Brujas, while the grade-A bonefishing around Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Romano is already well known to many anglers. A burgeoning tourism industry has triggered the development of a number of excellent resorts in this area (and the refurbishment of some older ones), making it an ideal destination for the fisherman looking to combine a family holiday with a little time on the water. Choose from a list of north coast fishing options below or find your chosen destination on the map…


Photo credits: Olivier Bataille, Peterslsise



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