Fishipedia Top 5: Tailing Bonefish Videos

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Is there a finer sight anywhere on God’s green earth?

Tailing bonefishThere are some things I will never tire of seeing – a freshly baked pizza emerging from its delivery box, ‘Rocky IV’, Mickey Thomas’s title-winning goal for Arsenal in 1989, a stranger tripping over in the street, the list goes on. However, right at the top of that list has to be the sight of tailing bonefish. Strangely, considering the sheer volume of fishing videos out there, there aren’t as many as you would think dedicated to this most arresting and nerve-shredding of spectacles. Actually, it’s not strange at all – after all, if you see tailing bones and you have to decide whether to throw the fly or push the record button, it’s an easy choice. Here are some of the best we’ve seen…

RA Beattie’s Two-Minute Magic

It’s only right and proper that RA Beattie – master film-maker and benchmark-setter for all others – should be first out of the traps here. This little film is a thing of beauty – and how about that hog at the end?

‘Dawn Patrol’ with Dr Aaron Adams

Here’s one from the bonefish-whisperer himself, Tarbone’s Director of Operations Dr Aaron Adams: “This is a bonefish of about 7 pounds tailing on a flat at first light. Early incoming tide, low light, flat calm. I thought about putting a background music track on this, but that just took away from what the experience really was – me standing in ankle-deep water, a bonefish feeding away out of casting range (but heading my way), and silence.” Amen to that.

‘Tailing Bonefish Quickie’ from SWC

It might only be a quickie, but it’s all the sweeter for it. Watch and learn…

‘Downtown Islamorada’ with Rich Tudor & Tom Rowland

Downtown Islamorada = monster bonefish. Here are Keys skippers Tom & Rich in a recent ‘Saltwater Experience’ episode. Fishing in Islamorada means there’s always a chance of something ridiculously big showing up and waving its tail at you. Catching it, of course, is another story…

Tailing Bonefish in the Bahamas

Can’t tell you too much about this one, other than that it’s shot in the Bahamas. On about the seventh viewing I noticed that pristine white-sand beach in the background and, factoring it in with the happy tailing fish up front, realized this is obviously what heaven looks like…

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