Top 5: Videos That Make us Want to go Bass Fishing in France

October 18th, 2013| No Comments

Current itch that needs scratching: heading off to France for some bass fishing. Here’s why…

This profile of renowned French guide Arnaud de Wildenberg fishing the wild waters of Belle Ile off Brittany. Some of the footage is frankly terrifying:   


This from Ile d’Yeu, just off the coast of Nantes – no monsters here, but the action’s non-stop and it looks like the kind of place we could happily spend some time:


Another from Ile d’Yeu. Bass fishermen often talk about “fizz” when describing ideal bass-fishing conditions. It’s safe to say this stuff qualifies… 


This footage from an unspecified location, which features birds diving, dolphins on the hunt and bass galore on soft plastics. Given the amount of action they’re trying to fit in, it’s no wonder they spend much of the video in fast-forward. 


This, which gives you an idea of just how big they get over there…

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