Video Goodness: The Bonefish Chronicles, 10lb+ bonefish

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Video Goodness: The Bonefish Chronicles, 10lb+ bonefish

Thanks to GoPro, self-shot fishing videos are everywhere these days. Plenty of average ones around, but every so often you get one of these. Framing the action, working within the confines of a single camera angle and trying to keep everything within that shot is all hard enough – just try adding a 10lb bonefish to the mix. From the man behind (and in front of) the lens, here’s how it played out:

What a day. I set out 30 miles from civilization with the SAT phone for tarpon and ended up getting hooked on a bruiser to say the least. The feed on this fish was incredible. Head out of the water eat. To put action on a bonefish fly with this speed will only work going with the tide. Notice in the end of the fight how she begins to head shake as a last resort. Only the big fish do this. Beautiful morning full of dolphins and bones as far as the eye can see! Stokin’!
On a side note, I hate to Bogagrip fish, but had to see. She was just over 10lbs.

The Bonefish Chronicles: 10 lb + bonefish from Willy Vallely on Vimeo.

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