Gabon: West Africa’s Latest Sportfishing Mecca

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Loango Lodge, Gabon - Cubera Snapper

Welcome to Gabon, West Africa. If you can picture yourself tangling with cubera snapper in the surf (as above), or casting flies at some of the world’s biggest tarpon in the nearshore waters, all while elephants roam the beaches in front of you, then you’re in the right place…

Gabon is the latest destination to be added to the roster of UK-based sportfishing tour operator, Salty Dog Game Fishing.

This little-known country on Africa’s west coast is special, and fishing trips here represent an opportunity to cast where few ever have before. Unexplored waters, upscale accommodation in a wilderness setting, plus a vast array of sportfishing species await the intrepid angler.

Loango Lodge, Gabon

A monster-class jack crevalle – you can expect plenty of these

The destination
The location for Salty Dog trips is Gabon’s Loango National Park (one of 13 in the country), which is home to a world-class fishery. Here, the warm equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, white beaches, lagoons, tropical forests, savannahs and amazing wetlands come together to create one of Africa’s last great coastal wildernesses.

The fishing
Cubera snapper, tarpon, African threadfin, jack crevalle, whitefin jacks, barracuda, rouge, Senegal kob, guitar fish and the elusive san crevalle (on fly for the challenger) are just a few of the species you can target while fishing from boat or beach. A catch-and-release policy is actively promoted to help protect the fishery.

Loango Lodge, Gabon

Loango Lodge, Gabon

It is not only the world-class fishing that makes this destination stand out. You will also be sharing your tropical beach with elephants, hippopotamus (they do like a surf), forest buffalo and lowland gorillas foraging in the beachside trees. Turtles can also be seen during the mating season.

Lodging & facilities
Your base will be Loango Lodge, on the Iguéla Lagoon, within the Loango National Park. Accommodation is in luxurious, traditionally decorated bungalows. Time is also spent at the satellite beach fishing camp, Pte. Ste. Cathérine Beach Camp, where you’ll have access to high-octane fishing with every tidal change.

Getting there
It’s pretty remote (as you’d probably hope), but getting to Gabon is easier than you might think. Flying time to Libreville is roughly nine hours, followed by an overnight stay in the Gabonese capital, before you transfer to the resort. Everything apart from international flights is handled by Salty Dog.

Forthcoming trips 
Salty Dog’s next trip to Gabon is taking place on 9-19 December, 2015.

For full details, including more pictures, prices and comprehensive destination info, click here. To speak to Salty Dog direct, contact Paul Haldenwang on 

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