Fishing in France

For some, fishing in France means one thing and one thing only: carp. Mature chateau lakes and vast, dedicated fishing complexes are home to leviathans that can tip the scales at up to 100lbs, and anglers who come from across the world to chase them.

But it’s not all about carp. The rivers and lakes (and there are lots of them) are home to all manner of freshwater species – from monster catfish and pike in the River Rhone (south of France) to the grayling of Provence and the wild trout of Auvergne’s volcanic streams, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Then there’s the saltwater fishing. Bass fishing in France is among Europe’s best, with scores of top-quality guides working along the Atlantic coast, providing fly and lure-fishing options for travelling anglers.


Where to fish in France

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