Video goodness: Exmouth fly-fishing – the ultimate saltwater destination

November 27th, 2011| No Comments

Video Goodness: Exmouth fly-fishing

Declaring somewhere as the “ultimate saltwater fishing destination” is a bold move. It’d have to tick some pretty serious boxes along the way to even be considered.

However, if it was the sort place, say, where you could sight-fish for sailfish, catch milksfish, indo-pacific permit, bonefish, all manner of trevally species, tuna and sharks on the fly, while checking out whales, whales sharks, manta rays, turtles and whatnot, and be the only person out on the water doing it… well, in that case, you’d probably consider it worthy of consideration.

Exmouth, in Western Australia, is a long, long way from anywhere, meaning it’ll probably remain a dream rather a reality of us. But that’s probably a good thing…

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