Video goodness: Backyard in Nowhere

November 7th, 2011| No Comments

Video goodness: Backyard in Nowhere

Something a little different to your average fish porn here. What starts out as the simple story of three fly-fishermen exploring Alaska in search of giant pike goes a bit Deliverance when they get caught in a conflict between Native people and renegade rednecks in the remote backwaters of the Innoko River…

They may not have started out with the intention, but what they’ve ended up with is a kind of fishing western. The fishermen get their monster pike along the way (and there’s some absolutely knockout footage of the toothy predators in here), but the fish come at a cost.

The folks here also do a good job of capturing not only the sweeping beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, but also eeriness and isolation that envelops you when you step into the unknown. Marvellous stuff.

Check out the trailer below, then click here to find out how you can get your hands on the full-length version.

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