Video Goodness: Andros Teaser

February 25th, 2013| No Comments

Video Goodness: Andros Teaser

Of all the places I’ve fished, Andros is the one I spend the most time day-dreaming about. That could be because I’ve been lucky to fish there more than once, perhaps it’s the people I’ve met there, it might be the Kalik-soaked evenings at the end of a solid day on the water… or it might just be the abundance of fish coupled with a likelihood that you’ll run into a barrel-sized bonefish at some point. More likely, it’s all of the above, but it’s a special place and this 16-minute video captures it at its best. The footage is pretty raw and there’s no narrative as such – and it’s all the better for it: 

Andros Teaser from Catch 1 Films on Vimeo.

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