The monster of Villa Maria

March 10th, 2011| No Comments

Monster alert! Fishing manager at Argentina’s Villa Maria Lodge, Alejandro Bianchetti , hit the jackpot last week when he connected to this lodge-record sea trout, a 33lb behemoth.

The Nervous Waters property on the Rio Grande had already been enjoying an epic season when this thing showed up. Taking up the story is Alejandro himself:

“The fishing was tough so we had decided that it was time to go back to the lodge. I was just about to turn around when I felt the strongest strike I had ever felt. It didn’t take long (despite it being the hardest fight I had ever had) before I could see this monster of 1.03m long and 33.5 lbs!

“It’s an absolute record at Villa Maria! The fish was amazingly fresh and tough as a rock. Everything in that fish was perfect, the conditions, the silver chrome color, the shape & the size!

“It was my biggest Sea Trout ever and the biggest fish ever caught in Villa Maria Lodge as the previous record was 32 lbs .

“I had dreamt with this day so many times that now that it came true, I know I will save it in my memory for as long as I live”.  We can see why…

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