Report: Early-Season Bass Fishing in Wexford, Ireland

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Guest blogger Sean Jordan, of Bass Fishing Wexford in Ireland, rounds up some early-season action 

Looking forward: In Ireland the Bass season has been up and running for a couple of weeks following the closed season (May 15-Jun 15). It’s one of the conservation measures brought in by the Irish government back in 1990.

Early season saw the hangover from those severe winter storms haunting lure anglers with murky water from soil and clay from the coastline mixed with the water making water clarity poor.  

Early-Season Report -- Bass Fishing Wexford

It wasn’t until April 15 that we had our first session in the salt, although water clarity wasn’t great I met this 72cm fish for the first Bass of the season.

Early-Season Report -- Bass Fishing Wexford
From then until the start of May the water gradually started to clear, and we duly met the fish.
Early-Season Report -- Bass Fishing Wexford
Although clarity hadn’t been great until May the sea temp was more obliging with a steady rise from Feb (8c) until June (13c) which is fairly consistent with a normal year. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is relieved to get the new season under way here in Wexford with all the challenges, expectations, people, highs and lows it brings – all in pursuit of Dicentrarchus Labrax. And long be it so.


Sean specialises in guided fishing for bass along Ireland’s south-east coast. Visit Bass Fishing Wexford for more info.

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