Dawes & Gable win Key West’s 2011 March Merkin

March 20th, 2011| No Comments

After three days chasing “black-tailed devils” around the Lower Keys, Idaho’s Mike Dawes and guide Don Gable have been crowned victors of the 2011 March Merkin permit fishing tournament in Key West.

In total, 26 boats were involved, chasing the elusive fish from the Marquesas to the Content Keys, with participating anglers pitching up from all corners of the western hemisphere.

A total of 10 fish were caught over the three days, but it was Dawes and Gable’s record of one fish a day that saw them walk away with the trophy. Congratulations gentlemen, Fishipedia doffs its cap to you – as if fishing for permit weren’t hard enough, catching them in competition conditions must be on a different scale.

This year, the tournament’s points system was tweaked, in a move designed to help promote Project Permit, the research initiative pioneered by the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Costa Del Mar sunglasses (and launched at last year’s Merkin). This time around, anglers received bonus points for fish that were successfully documented and tagged before release.

Information about Permit tagging as well as scientific and conservation issues affecting Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit around the world can be found at www.tarbone.org

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