Skye Sport: Pollock on the Fly in the Scottish Islands

January 30th, 2014| No Comments

It’s winter in the UK and trout are off the menu, but guest writer Duncan Pepper isn’t idle – he’s out in the salt looking for crash-diving pollock  

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Q&A: Morocco Bass Fishing Pioneer, Abdel Sabon

January 3rd, 2014| No Comments

The Fishipedia Q&A: Abdel Sabon - Morocco Bass-Fishing Pioneer

There are few finer things in life (for some of us, at least) than that moment when a new fishing destination comes on to your radar. It could be a virgin flats-fishing Eden in a far-off land populated by record-sized fish, or a lake right under your nose that you’d never heard of until a chance conversation with another angler. But as soon as you hear of it, you know you have to find a way of getting there. Right now, that place is Morocco.

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Video Goodness: “Flyfishing the Claremont Isles”

December 13th, 2013| No Comments

Fishipedia Video Goodness: "Flyfishing the Claremont Isles"

Here’s Aussie don Peter Morse fishing the Claremont Isles – a place so remote that most of us will never cast a line there. Nothing to do but sit back, enjoy… and dream. 

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Video Goodness: “The Shallow Season”

November 28th, 2013| No Comments

Fishipedia Video Goodness: tailing redfish in "The Shallow Season"

How about some video of redfish tailing in impossibly skinny water? Go on, you know it makes sense… 

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Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday

November 15th, 2013| No Comments

Fishipedia Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday

Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday Edition. Featuring tailing redfish, an awesome bonefish eat, king salmon and a man losing his battle (and rod) to a striped bass. 

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Top 5: DIY Bonefishing Lodges in the Bahamas

October 23rd, 2013| 1 Comment

The best options for budget-conscious bonefishermen travelling to the Bahamas…

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Top 5: Videos That Make us Want to go Bass Fishing in France

October 18th, 2013| No Comments

Current itch that needs scratching: heading off to France for some bass fishing. Here’s why…

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Fishipedia Report: Bass Fishing in Kerry, Ireland

October 10th, 2013| No Comments

In search of October bass on the Kerry coast in south-west Ireland. Fishipedia editor Rory Batho reports

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Countdown to Ireland Trip

September 27th, 2013| No Comments

Countdown to Ireland Trip

In a little over a week, I’ll be heading to the airport, boarding a flight for Cork, and heading to the southwest tip of Ireland in search of some big autumn bass. If you know anything about bass fishing and/or Ireland, you won’t need me to quantify the excitement.
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Video Goodness: Roosterfish – ‘In Search of Grande’

September 27th, 2013| No Comments

Video Goodness: Roosterfish - 'In Search of Grande'

Cool-looking film about the hunt for roosterfish from the shore along Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. But not just any old roosterfish. The quarry here is a grande; a fish of 40lb or more, caught on a fly rod. Time for a little taste:  

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