Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday

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Fishipedia Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday

Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday Edition. Featuring tailing redfish, an awesome bonefish eat, king salmon and a man losing his battle (and rod) to a striped bass. 

Long Live the King

A trailer for the full-length film about dwindling numbers of king salmon in Alaskan waters.


Bass on the Feed

That’s the salty version of bass found in European waters by the way. Anyway, if you ever wondered quite how close in these guys will come to feed, you’ll want to watch this insane footage. (Seen at: Labrax Squad)


Tailing Pod of Redfish

How many things in this life are better than the sight of a tailing fish? Three, maybe? Four? Who knows, but it’s not a whole lot. (Seen at: Moldy Chum)


Epic Bonefish Take

Another does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title. Just watch that bone hunt down the fly. (Seen at: Orvis Fly-Fishing Blog)


Fish 1 Man 0

This is what it might look like if Laurel & Hardy went fishing. OK, maybe that’s harsh – this does look like a pretty freakish incident after all. Doesn’t stop it being funny though. (Seen at: Moldy Chum)

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