Andros Island Fishing

The biggest and yet still the least-developed of all the Bahamas Islands, Andros is home to some of the world’s biggest bonefish and the best saltwater fly-fishing imaginable. When viewed from above, it quickly becomes obvious why Andros is such a magnet for fish. Made up of three separate land masses, the whole area is splintered by a maze of creeks and bights – perfect bonefish habitat. From the Joulter’s Cays in the north all the way round to the forbidding and uninhabited west side, this is the place to come in search of that truly big bonefish. On top of that, the west side is an excellent tarpon fishery, and there’s plenty of offshore action if that’s more your thing. Choose from a list of Andros fishing lodges and bonefish guides below or find your chosen destination on the map…


Photo credits: Luyen Chou, Nervous Waters