Video goodness: Trout Bum Reverie

May 27th, 2011| No Comments

“It’s not a hobby. It’s a metal vise surrounded by elk hair, peacock feathers and rabbit fur. It’s fly lines cracked from reckless overuse. It’s teeth chipped from gnawing on fluorocarbon. It’s skin split by callouses, filled with superglue… No, it’s not a hobby. It’s a way of life.”

So begins the narration for our favorite video this week – the rather excellent Trout Bum Reverie from the folks at Sharptail Media.

What makes it so good? Well, there’s the way the voice-over captures perfectly the little details that make this thing of ours so special, there’s the rise of that trout, the way the colors of Patagonia are captured so beautifully that they just bleed off the screen… and the fact that they’ve crammed all this into just a minute or so. Magic in miniature.

We imagine Orvis are pretty happy with the product-placement too…

Trout Bum Reverie from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

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