Video Goodness: Tributaries

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Video Goodness: Tributaries

There’s no doubt that the world of fly-fishing films has become a pretty cluttered space. Consequently you get the good and the bad. The bad stuff mostly comes in the form of lazy GoPro footage accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack and features people trying to present fishing as some kind of “extreme” sport.  The good stuff tends to look a little bit more like this film, “Tributaries”.  

One the one hand, it’s a film with an ecological message at its heart, telling the stories of three fishing guides from three very different places (Bahamas, Argentina and Iceland), and attempting to identify the commonality among different cultures, people and water. On the other, it’s an excuse to showcase some drag-melting, wanderlust-inspiring fishing action from three fantasy destinations.

But aside from the fact that the film itself looks eye-poppingly exquisite, it’s the different purchase options that make it stand out, and show that the people behind the film have made a genuine attempt to do something different. The film is available to buy on its own in standard definition, in high definition, or bundled with an accompanying digital book and previous film (“Breathe”), with prices starting at $4.

Watch the trailer below or buy “Tributaries” here.

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