Video Goodness: Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing 2011

April 7th, 2012| No Comments

Video Goodness: Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing 2011

Now then, this is a treat. There have been a few teasers for this film knocking about on the internet for a while now, but the 35-minute, full-length version of Peter Laurelli’s 2011 saltwater odyssey is something to behold.

As the man himself says: “The premise is the same each year; drag camera gear around from March to December in search of striped bass, bluefish and false albacore, point it at the water and see what comes out.”

What comes out is spectacular. Featuring action from the waters of Western Long Island Sound, Breezy Point & New Jersey, flats of CT and New York, Block Island and Montauk, there’s a treasure trove of stuff here. I almost felt guilty watching it for free actually. That’s not going to stop me watching again right now, though. And maybe again right after that.

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