Video Goodness: Silver Lining

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Video Goodness: Silver Lining

Currently whipping up a storm on the Fly Fishing Film Tour is Key West guide Will Benson’s “Silver Lining”. It’s not hard to see why. With incredible footage of tarpon schooling on the flats, eating flies next to the skiff and generally blowing holes in the ocean, it’s one of the finest pieces of work we’ve seen in a while. But that’s only half the story.  

This 12-minute gem has a captivating message woven into its narrative. Benson’s love for the Keys (and Key West in particular) shines through, but as much as this film celebrates all that is good about this little corner of the world, it also sounds an alarm bell for the future. In particular, it focuses on plans to further expand the channel in Key West harbour, paving the way for yet more (and bigger) cruise ships to dock here. The impact on the marine ecosystem is potentially devastating, and the potential ramifications of such action are brought sharply into focus.

It’s sometimes hard to get the balance right when presenting material with an ecological message – Benson’s articulate and reasoned narration strikes just the right note; in tandem with the stunning photography, and backed up by an authority that only comes from someone who spends his life out on the water, this is poignant stuff.

Will Benson, Fishipedia salutes you.

Silver Lining from Jekyll Works on Vimeo.

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