Video Goodness: “Matlacha, what can I say?”

May 11th, 2012| No Comments

Video Goodness: "Matlacha, what can I say?"

The problem with running a site like Fishipedia is that you’re constantly bombarded with reminders of all the places you want to fish and haven’t got around to yet. One such location that keeps cropping up is Matlacha, Florida.

Regulars visitors to the blog will know that we have a resident columnist (Gregg McKee of Wildfly Charters) who drops in every month or so with a report from Matlacha and the Pine Island area, and his tales of redfish, speckled trout and top-drawer tarpon action are usually enough to have us checking (once again) when the next flight to Miami leaves.

Then we stumbled across this video from the folks at Salty Shores the other day and it all started again. Seriously, this sounds like our kind of place:

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