Video goodness: Italian tuna blitz

September 16th, 2011| No Comments

Video goodness: Italian tuna blitz

We’re loving this video right now. It’s a tuna blitz going off somewhere in the Adriatic Sea (the bit between the eastern coast of Italy and the Balkan states).

Now we’ll be honest – we knew there was good fishing in that part of the world, but the action here is insane. If this is anything to go by, we should all consider grabbing the next flight to Italy, making our way to Porto Barricata and hooking up with the Delta Fly Center who put this little treat together.

Best bits: the drag on that fly reel singing at a pitch that only dogs and fishermen can hear, the pack of fish bearing down on the boat and busting through the surface as the guy with the fly rod tries to get his cast off, and the guy with the little spinning outfit – good luck with that.

Points off for the repetitive and slightly out-of-place reggae soundtrack, but apart from that, it’s all good:

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