Video goodness: Homage to Belize

June 16th, 2011| No Comments

In terms of our favorite saltwater fishing destinations, Belize has to be right up there. Excellent numbers of permit, great chance of a grand slam every time you go, great people… what’s not to love? And this video here does a great job capturing the magic of fishing there.

Shot over a three-year period in multiple locations, Grand Slam contains bonefish, permit and tarpon action, as well as Vincent the Conch hunter. As its maker says, “For me, it’s definitely time to invest in some better camera equipment.” OK, so a little extra clarity might have helped, but who cares really? This is great stuff.

The best bit? Trying to get that permit to eat. Will it? Won’t it? You’ll just have to watch to find out:

Grand Slam from Brady Crouch on Vimeo.

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