Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday (30 Jan)

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Fishipedia Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday

Video Goodness: Fishporn Friday Edition. Featuring tuna on the flats (no, really), big-game hunting in the Med, an abundance of facial hair and more. Onwards! 

Black Torpedoes

This teaser from the forthcoming long player “Strip Strike – Fraser Island” just has you yearning to see more. Here we have tuna, hunting on the flats. Again, that’s tuna. Hunting on the flats.


Bluefin Tuna on the fly, Mediterranean Fall Run

Some crazy action from the French coast here – bluefin blitzes that make even a 12 or 14-weight fly rod look, frankly, pathetic.


Walking Man by Todd Moen – Bahamas Fly Fishing

Some nice bonefish action here courtesy of Catch Magazine. The intro’s a bit cheesy, but you can forgive that when something’s this well shot. Looks like they’ve got Andros South Lodge as their base here – still way up on our “want” list.


10K Islands Jan 2014

Two pals, one skiff, somewhere off the grid in Florida’s 10,000 Islands. Fish everywhere by the look of it too.


The Beard Chronicles IF4

This film won some awards last year, so you’ve more than likely seen it. If not, you’re in for a treat. Nice soundtrack (rare, that) and bonus John Gierach points too.

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