Video goodness: Bahamas in Technicolor

October 1st, 2011| No Comments

Video goodness: Bahamas in Technicolor

Mmmmmm… Bahamas… You know what it’s like – you go away somewhere great, do some fishing, take a bunch of pictures/videos, come home and no matter how good those pictures are, they never seem to do the place justice.

Something tells us the guy who shot this doesn’t really know how that feels. It’s called The Bahamas in Technicolor and it’s a thing of beauty. There’s no fishing here, but it’s got the backdrop many of you will be familiar with – that Bahamian mix of luxury, rough-around-the-edges charm and that kaleidoscopic range of hues you have to see to believe. Enjoy…

The Bahamas in Technicolor from Ryan Lightbourn on Vimeo.

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