Video goodness: Amirante Tails

December 20th, 2011| No Comments

Video goodness: Amirante Tails

Don’t know about you, but where we are, it’s getting very, very cold indeed right now – the very concept of wading in ankle-deep seas the temperature of bath water feels just a little too alien somehow. This film, shot in the Seychelles, does its bit to help though…

Another mini-masterpiece from the guys at Castaway Films, it has fishermen casting to tailing permit (multiple tailing permit at that), underwater footage of bonefish chasing down a fly, big bad GTs and all manner of other trevally species, not to mention the odd moray eel and turtle.

This is the kind of footage you get if you’re lucky enough to be uncovering a brand-new fishery – somewhere that most likely has never seen fly-fishermen before. The locations in question are in the Seychelles’ Amirante Group – Poivre Island, Remiere Reef, and the African Banks.

Awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it:

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