Video Gold

April 12th, 2011| No Comments

OK, this is pretty much Fishipedia’s favourite video right now – Devil’s Gold, a six-and-half-minute distillation of the search for golden dorado in Bolivia.

Castaway Films are the folks responsible for this little nugget. They spent a week on location shooting deep in the Bolivian jungle at Untamed Angling’s Tsimane Lodge to capture the video, which is some of the best there is on dorado fishing.

Grant Wiswell, the film’s producer, says of the video: “We came for dorado, PERIOD. Ever since I watched an old Larry Dahlberg video on the subject, I haven’t been able to get these magnificent fish off my mind. As it turns out, the Tsimane experience completely trumped anything I had previously seen or heard about the Golden Dorado. Not only are these fish numerous and willing, the warm water is clear as can be, which makes for fantastic fishing. I’d estimate that we sight-casted to at least 80 percent of the fish we caught.”

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