Top 5: Fishing Vids You Should Watch Right Now

July 26th, 2013| No Comments

…for no particular reason – a round-up of the best fishing videos out there this week

First up, ‘Bonefishing in the Caribbean’. Doesn’t say where exactly (although the backdrop looks a lot like the Honduras Bay Islands), and it’s all in French, but none of that seems to matter. Lovely stuff. 


Now for a dose of ‘Yellow Fever’ – commonly contracted while pursuing South America’s golden dorado. If you can ignore the shitty soundtrack, this is huge fun, with lots of explosive strikes and plenty of tailwalking.


Some more bonefishing now – this time from the pancake flats of Acklins Island, Bahamas. Some great footage of big schools and decent eats. This place is creeping further and further towards of my list… 

Here comes the comb! It’s rooster time, with some knockout footage from Baja, Mexico. Is there anything better than the sight of a black comb cutting through the water as a pez gallo hunts down baitfish?

This one gets the nod for the quality of the edit. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of stuff from the Yucatan before, but there’s a low-key brilliance to this that’ll have you coming back for more. Good job on the permit, too…

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