Tip time: Orvis’ wind-casting masterclass

May 12th, 2011| No Comments

Preparing for a fishing holiday can be tough. Have you got enough flies? The right rods? Sufficient number of back-ups? Which wading boots to buy? How many cigars will you need? The list goes on…

It’s probably the one thing about the whole process that people find frustrating. It’s understandable really – if you’ve spent a lot of money and waited a long time, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

However, the one thing plenty of people overlook is casting. If you’re jetting off to a remote island in the Bahamas and you’re not quite sure what to expect, you absolutely have to get some practise in before you go. A trip to almost any flats-fishing destination guarantees you at least a day or two of windy conditions.

That pancake flat you’re imagining? Breathless and still, dotted with bonefish tails, your fly line arrowing effortlessly towards them? Not gonna happen.

With that in mind, just a couple of minutes spent watching this video from Orvis could make a big difference to your trip. Watch, digest, practise, then get out there and make it count.

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