‘The best bonefish I ever caught’

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'The best bonefish I ever caught'

This is a fine bit of writing from Captain Gregg McKee over, owner of Florida’s Wild Fly Charters and man behind the always-excellent Pine Island Angler blog.

Obviously, as a fly-fishing guide, you would expect Gregg to have come across his fair share of memorable bonefish, but his choice for ‘best ever’ is a little unexpected. It’s one of those little snippets that underlines how there’s much more there to fishing than numbers and weights.

“The main reason I moved to Vieques was its bonefish population. This is one of my favorite species to chase in saltwater and Vieques is the best place I’ve ever fished for them. It’s far from the best bonefishing spot on Earth. From what I’ve been told, that title would probably go to the Seychelles or Christmas Island, two exotic locales that are half a world and about $10,000 away from me right now. But Vieques is home and we have a handful of flats where I can catch tailing bonefish any day of the year, which makes it my favorite bonefishing destination so far.

But my favorite bonefish came from somewhere else…” [continue reading]

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