Saddle up for sea trout season

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Nervous Waters: sea trout season 2011/12

They’re big… they’ve been out to sea… and they’re looking for a fight. Nope, not the cast of Deadliest Catch – we are of course talking about Argentinian sea trout. Great big aggressive Argentinian sea trout.

As we head towards the end of the year, now is the time to start planning that sea trout trip. And frankly, there is nowhere better on God’s green earth to go looking for these brutes than Argentina’s Rio Grande.

In anticipation of the forthcoming season, the folks at Nervous Waters have a spot waiting for you, at their two superb lodges – Villa Maria and Kau Tapen.

Villa Maria is the closest to the ocean with the brightest fish. Kau Tapen overlooks the river’s middle stretches, and is home to five world records. Both lodges adhere to the Nervous Waters’ standards of excellence in service and accommodations.
As follows are some of the dates available:

Dates                 Rods

14-21 Jan            4

11-17 Feb           2

10-17 Mar           1

17-24 Mar           2

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