Project Permit enters its second year

March 10th, 2011| 1 Comment

An important milestone is looming. Project Permit, the Costa-sponsored statewide tagging study of Permit in Florida (a collaboration between BTT and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission), is just about to enter its second year.

The study officially began at the March Merkin Permit Tournament in March 2010. And this year that same tournament will see another first, as anglers are rewarded for tagging permit during the event.

The annual March Merkin Invitational Permit Tournament kicks off March 14 and entrants will be given 25 extra points for any fish they are photographed with, tagging and collecting basic information. A second photograph of the tagged fish also will be required, to show that it was done properly.

The project has already thrown up some interesting results. A permit that was tagged near St. Lucie Inlet last October was recaptured several months later, 40 miles to the south near Lake Worth on Jan. 14. This is one of the first occasions such data has been accurately recorded with regards to permit, and the longer this project continues, the more complete the picture will become regarding their movements and habits.

If you want to get involved, contact to request a tagging kit.

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    Sehr bewegender Post. Mein Urlaub wird im September auch sehr schön werden. Ich fliege mit meiner Tante 2011 nach Italien. Unser unvergesslichster Urlaub war bis jetzt im Jahr 2001 in Litauen, dieser war wirklich phantastisch. Freundliche Grüße

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