Top 5: Tips for Packing Fishing Gear

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What to take, what not to take and how to take it

Fishipedia Top 5: Tips for Packing Fishing Gear

Walk it through

Before you embark on the arduous process of cramming your stuff into the bag, lay everything out on a bed. Next, mentally walk yourself through a day’s fishing, from the moment you turn off your alarm clock in the morning to the moment you climb back into bed at night. Imagine dressing for a day on the flats for example, and check everything off as you go. Mentally rig up the rods and head out for some fishing – have you got spare lines, sufficient quantities of flies, a water bottle? Imagine all the worst-case scenarios and check to see whether you’ll be covered should any of these disasters befall you. Consider what would happen if you fell over and ripped your trousers/waders/shorts – have you got a repair kit and a first aid kit? Think of the little things too. Perhaps, after a triumphant day, you like to kick back with a bottle of beer and a cigar; have you got a bottle opener, a cigar cutter and a lighter?

Pack early

Not like most of us need reminding on this one – if you’re anything like me, you’ll start packing about a month in advance. But just in case you were thinking of leaving it until the last moment… one word: don’t. The earlier you get everything ready, the more time you’ll have to remember the stuff you’ve overlooked. If there’s stuff you need to buy, it’ll leave you plenty of time to go and get it or order it and have it delivered.

Plan for the worst

Assume you’re going to break or damage something crucial, a rod or reel say – and while you’re about it, assume it’ll be your favourite one. Have you got something that will adequately replace it? If not, why not? Don’t jeopardise the dream trip you’ve saved up all this money for by not having the tools for the job. If you’re heading to, say, the Keys, you could easily pick up a replacement when you’re there. If you’re heading to Acklins Island in the Bahamas, you can forget it.

Go incognito

You might have your eye on the latest, greatest bag from your favourite fishing tackle manufacturer, with all those clever little pockets and compartments. The problem is, they invariably come with a nice big logo on the exterior – a sign that may as well read: “Expensive fishing gear inside!” Call me paranoid and suspicious, but I’d rather not run the risk of attracting that kind of attention. When it comes to checked baggage, you’re better off with something that doesn’t catch people’s eye – so long as it’s big enough and sturdy enough, it’s good enough.

Lighten the load

Think of it this way: would you rather find yourself at the back end of a trip, wishing you’d brought an extra shirt or an extra fly box? If there’s a laundry service available where you’re headed, make use of it – that way, you can carry fewer clothes. If there’s isn’t, you can easily wash stuff yourself. If you’re headed to the tropics for example, remember the old tip: get in the shower with your clothes on at the end of the day, give them a good scrub and hang them out to dry. They’ll be ready again in no time.

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