New on Fishipedia: Seychelles fishing section

November 24th, 2011| No Comments

New Fishipedia section: Fishing in the Seychelles

The eagle-eyed among you may already have noticed that we’ve launched a new section, covering fishing in the Seychelles. That’s obviously cause for celebration…

It’s the kind of place most of us have on our bucket list – pristine remote atolls, warm seas, flats that have never seen fishermen and fish that have never seen flies. More specifically, bonefish (innumerable quantities of them), giant trevally (great big scary ones) and turbo-charged milkfish that have never seen flies.

Ever-popular destinations such as Desroches Island, Farquhar Atoll and Alphonse Island are all in there, with plenty more to be added in due course. As many of you will be aware, a couple of the famous mothership operations have had to close thanks to piracy issues in the area, but we’ll have pages for those as soon as they become operational again.

So, if you’re planning a Seychelles fishing trip (even if you’re not for that matter), please stop by, take a look, and gorge yourselves on the wealth of info in there. And if you’ve fished at any of the destinations covered, please feel free to leave a review at the foot of the relevant page.

We’d also love to hear from anyone who’s had a memorable to trip to the Seychelles and feels like writing a brief (or long) report about it. Either email or click here to use the contact form and we can help set up you very own report.

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