Late availability at Nervous Waters’ Argentina lodges

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Nervous Waters

The fishing season is in full swing down in Argentina, and premier lodge owners, Nervous Waters, have a limited number of spots available in their selection of standout properties for the rest of the season.

Records have been smashed, giant fish caught, and plenty of fishermen sent home happy so far in 2011. But don’t take out word for it, as follows is a selection of reports from the men on the ground in all the key locations.

The fishing at Kau Tapen… so far
(Rio Grande, Argentina)
“This season could be described as a memorable one. During the best week, up to now, we caught 182 fish. The average catch per day and average weight are already way ahead of the averages that we had last season and there are big chances that this season will be remembered as the one in which most records were broken in the Rio Grande.”
Jean Baptiste Vidal

The fishing at Bella Vista Lodge… so far
(Rio Gallegos, Argentina)
“The weather and fishing conditions changed a lot along these first five weeks of the season at Bella Vista Lodge. The average weight for the season is, up to now, 12.2lbs. We caught 296 brown trout and 81 sea trout. Fifty percent of our sea trout landed were bigger than 13lbs and 35% percent were between 15 and 18lbs. As I write this report, I’m happy to say the river has risen two feet and the big run of fresh fish that we had been waiting for has arrived.”
Gaston Guglielminetti

Villa Maria Lodge: a record-breaking season
(Rio Grande, Argentina)
“The season started with the river in good shape and we had a great start in terms of fishing. From the beginning until around mid-Jan, we caught an extraordinary number of mid-size sea trout. One week deserves a special mention – we caught 92 fish: 30% were bigger than 15lbs and 12 were above 20lbs! We can already say that it’s been an epic season, much better than the previous one. We’ve already landed some 28, 27 and 25-pounders and a lot of 21, 22 and 23-pounders. And as if this weren’t enough, last week we had the honor of breaking a historical record with a huge cock fish of 33.5 pounds.”
Ale Bianchetti

Pira Lodge fishing report
“The first week of February started with very high temperatures (between 95 & 104F). Then we had a big storm. When it comes to fishing for Dorado, a cold front means great fishing before the storm and a long siesta for one or two days. It didn’t happen that way though: fishing was great before, during and after the storm. We have been catching an average of 60 fish per day. The size of the fish ranges between 3 to 5 pounds which is not very greedy, but these baby “gold-zillas” are very powerful and will give you a good fight and a lot of fun.”
Tito Saenz Rozas

So there you have it – whether you’re a sea trout or golden dorado aficionado, there’s action aplenty down Argentina-way right now. And thanks to cancellations, Nervous Waters have limited spots available in March and April at all the lodges mentioned above. Click here to contact Nervous Waters direct and find out about the dates and deals available.

For more information on all the lodges, including video and stunning pictures, click here

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