Is it a cuda? Is it a shark? Nope, it’s an 18lb bonefish!

August 9th, 2011| No Comments

18lb bonefish

Neil Sigvartsen. File that name somewhere, for it’s the name of the man who just did something that most of us will never do – he landed an 18lb bonefish.

This story comes from the good people over at Orvis , and it’s a humdinger – not only did they report it in the first place, but they had to re-report it when they realised Neil’s Grand Bahamas behemoth wasn’t 13lbs as originally stated, but 18lbs instead.

“Before I even got in the water, I looked down the sandy flat to see about eight fish coming toward me. At first I thought they were ‘cudas because of their size, but as they got closer I realized that they were the biggest bonefish I’d ever seen.”

One cast was all it took – that and a 20-minute fight of course before he was able to turn to his fishing buddies and utter the immortal words: “Beat that!” We reckon it’s safe to assume they didn’t.

Anyway, for the full story and pictures from Orvis, click here.

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