How to… catch a sailfish from the beach

July 19th, 2011| No Comments

Now this is impressive. I might never have fished off the rocks at Steep Point, Western Australia, but I’m pretty sure it’s considered “highly unusual” at the very least to hook a sailfish there.

But that’s exactly what Aussie angler Robert Verryt managed this week, beating the odds (and a pack of hungry sharks) to haul in a sailfish while balloon-fishing in this remote spot. After a 45-minute fight and what sounded like some pretty hairy moments, he and his friend managed to bring the unexpected visitor (estimated at 50-60kg) to the rocks, before releasing it.

Unfortunately, it sounds pretty optimistic to suggest this fish would have outrun the men in grey coats after a fight like that, but you never know. And fair play to the boys for their efforts at reviving it.

Actually, I did a little rooting around and it seems that catching sailfish off the rocks at Steep Point isn’t totally unheard of after all. Nor is the presence of sharks as soon as you hook one, it would seem. Roll the video to see what I mean…

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