Hemingway Jr channels the spirit of Papa

November 7th, 2011| No Comments

Hemingway Jr channels spirit of Papa

When someone starts a sentence with the words “back in my grandfather’s day”, your interest might be, say, mildly piqued. When that person is referring to Ernest Hemingway, you sit up and listen.

Writing in The Miami Herald, John Hemingway (a writer and avid fisherman himself) reflects on the state of our oceans – in particular the declining stocks of billfish that ‘Papa’ became famous for pursuing. He says:

“If you look at photos of what people reeled in during my grandfather’s day and compare them with what they are catching now, it’s heartbreaking. The fish are far smaller; only the boats are larger.”

The act of harking back to the perceived glory days of yesteryear is often dismissed as little more than sentimentality, but in the case of fishing, we all know the score.  The truth is staring us directly in the face like some enormous cycloptic ogre.

As sportfishermen, it’s a subject that’s close to all our hearts and it’s always good to see a heavweight name acting as a force for good in this regard.

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