Captain Arnaud de Wildenberg – Belle Ile, Brittany, France

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After 20 years as freelance photo-journalist, working for a variety of French and international publications, Arnaud decided to pack it in, move  his family to Belle Ile and start a new life as a fishing guide. He’s now one of the most respected guides in the Morbihan area, specialising in light-tackle lure fishing for bass in the waters around the island.



The fishing

Sitting just off Brittany, and south-east of Lorient, Belle Ile is something of an undiscovered gem in fishing terms (for people outside of France at least). That’s pretty surprising really, given the size and numbers of bass present here. At 17km long, and between 5 and 10km wide, it’s certainly not huge, but it offers a variety of fishing scenarios; from the white waters of the weather-beaten ocean side to the calmer waters of the inland coast, this place is a veritable bass magnet. The unique geography also means you can nearly always find a sheltered spot to cast your lure or fly.

Operating out of Le Palais, Arnaud fishes from an Evolution 30, the perfect boat for making the most of the island’s varied fishing locations. The bulk of Arnaud’s fishing is light-tackle lure sport, utilising an array of options, from shads and surface baits to stickbaits and jerkbaits. Sport can be fast and furious, particularly in the summer months, with the bass season running from roughly April until November.
Arnaud encourages catch and release, although one or two fish can occasionally be taken for the table.

Getting to Belle Ile
Ferries operate year round from Quiberon, Brittany (on the French mainland) to Le Palais on Bell Ile. Crossings take approximately 45 minutes. Click here for more information about travel to Belle Ile.


Day trip (8 to 10 hours)
€250 per person (minimum 3 people, maximum 5 people)
Boat Rental with skipper: €1000

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