Fishipedia Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia – Day 1

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Fishipedia Trip-Report: Kooi Noom - Day 1

Regular readers will know all about Kooi Noom, the red-hot new Patagonian fishery we’ve been waxing lyrical about recently. Not-so-regular readers: click here and here to catch up, but the short version is this: it’s seriously remote, hardly anyone has ever fished there, the fish (very large rainbows) have pretty much never seen a fly, and you can sight-fish for them. Appetite sufficiently whetted? Good, then you’ll like this next part – the UK booking agent for Kooi Noom and friend of Fishipedia, Ben Etridge, is currently down there and has agreed to do a series of guest blogs over the next few days to let us know how he’s getting on. So, without further ado, here’s part one…  

Day 1

These pictures were taken at the Capitan River, half a mile from the main lake at Kooi Noom. We spent the day fishing for very big, strong rainbow trout from the banks. 

Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia - Day 1

Using a combination of streamers and nymphs we all took fish in the 5-15lb range. Of course, they fought hard and the combination of high winds and good water meant we had our work cut out getting them in.

Trip Report: Kooi Noom, Patagonia - Day 1

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