Fishipedia Top 7: Fly Fishing Film Tour Clips

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Popcorn at the ready. It’s a sneak preview of all the films featured on the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012…

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012That’s right, it’s a Top 7 this week. Why? Because these are the seven films featured at this year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) and it would have been unfair to leave any out. We’re guessing no-one has a problem with that…

Kicking off at The Majestic Ventura Theater, CA, on January 26, finishing up at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence on December 12 and taking in more than 100 venues along the way, the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012 is set to be huge.

This year features what the organisers call “a more diverse set of content than any prior year. We have something for everyone. From scrappy steelhead in Kodiak to 100lb jumping Tarpon in the Florida keys, from places you may have been to destinations we couldn’t find on a map.” Other featured destinations include the Bahamas (bonefish), the Northwest Territories (grayling and Arctic char), Belize, Scotland, Montana, British Columbia, Wisconsin, Silver Creek, Idaho and more. And here, ladies and gents, is a quick look at the seven films in question.


A feature about three musicians who were all part of the late-80s, early-90s punk scene in Chicago… and they all just happen to fly-fish:

Sipping Dry

Welcome to a place many refer to as the “dry fly capital of the world” – the upper Missouri River near Craig, Montana.  A handful of characters attempt to convey their infatuation with sipping trout, insane hatches, and the river they consider to be the ultimate:

FLY a Legacy

Most people have a memory of their first time catching a fish. FLY a Legacy reflects one angler’s memories, and the vivid moments he experienced as a kid with his grandfather – an evolution from the float to the fly:

Doc of the Drakes

What does fly fishing mean to you, and why? What makes a day on the water waving a fly rod rewarding? How many fish do you need in the net to call the day a success? Dr. Robert Franklin knows the answers to these questions, as fly fishing Silver Creek Idaho has changed his perspective on life after Parkinson’s ended his career as a world renowned surgeon. “The Doc” credits fishing guide and companion Pete Wood with helping him find those answers:


Gin-Clear Media’s fourth feature film, Hatch documents the world’s most extraordinary insect hatches and the fantastic fly-fishing that accompanies them. There are massive hatches of mayfly on the chalkstreams of England, trout eating ants off bridges in Slovenia, huge cicadas eaten by equally huge trout in the streams of NZ and even a feeding frenzy after a ‘hatch’ of krill in the ocean. Narrated by Greg French, the film explores remote corners of the world for hidden fly fishing treasures, while seamlessly highlighting the pivotal role fly fishers play as guardians of the water:

Clearly B.C. – Fall Bullies

The filming of this T-Motion video took Todd to British Columbia, Canada, and the little ski town named Fernie. There, he met up with local fly fishing guide, Beckie Clarke.  They were greeted with wet fall weather, plus wind, snow, grizzly bears and wolves. In spite of all that, Beckie brings her favorite streams throughout the Elk Valley up close and personal for T-Motion viewers. This video packs the best of B.C fishing into nine minutes of pure gold:

The Kodiak Project

A group of fly-fishermen (Conway Bowman, Kirk Deeter, Trent Deeter and Chris Santella) head off to Kodiak Island, Alaska, to fish a legendary river that everyone has heard about, but no one seems to have fished. The river is the Karluk and was considered the greatest salmon river in the world in the late 1800s before intense commercial fishing devastated the salmon run. What remains of the Karluk today is Alaska’s second largest steelhead run:

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