Fishipedia Top 5: Shark-fishing videos

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To mark the climax of Shark Week, Fishipedia has scoured the online video world for top toothy action…

Shark-fishing videos

Shark Week is drawing to a close, so we thought it only fitting that this week’s Fishipedia Top 5 paid homage to the apex predator. So, without further ado, we present a selection of our favourite toothy videos. Incidentally, if you know of another one you think we should have included, let us know in the comments section of the foot of the page.

Kayak + kingfish = sharkbait

This is what happens when you take just a fraction of a second too long lifting a yellowtail kingfish out of the water in New Zealand. Frankly, I reckon this guy is lucky to still have both hands. Oh, and we bet he doesn’t let his foot drag in the water like that any more either..

Conway Bowman: the mako king

You may well have heard of fishing guide/author Conway Bowman – operating out of San Diego, California, this guy is the master when it comes to nailing makos on the fly. His specially developed technique focuses on sight-fishing these speedsters, and regularly results in fish over 200lbs within 10 miles of the coast.

The bronze monsters of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

The name is forbidding enough – the reality is something else. The wind blows constantly, the landscape is sparse and desolate, the sea looks cold and grim, yet it’s seemingly teeming with life. Guitarfish, rays, huge kob and, at the top of the food chain, biiiiiig bronze whalers. And lots of them. The Florida Keys it ain’t, but it’s still kind of appealing.

Big marlin vs even-bigger shark

I take no pleasure in the outcome of this video (neither do any of the people in it, one senses), but it does make your jaw drop. Just look at the size of that marlin. Really look at it. And now imagine how big the brute must have been that put an untimely end to its duel here. Ouch.

Sharks on the fly: harder than you’d think

The principle is straightforward enough: head out somewhere sharky in the Keys, get a bunch of chum going, wait for the men in brown suits to arrive, cast fly… bang! Of course, it’s never that easy, as this video shows. The take, when it finally happens, it’s a thing of beauty though. Shame about the annoying soundtrack.

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