Fishing in Guinea-Bissau

Bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east, this small country in West Africa has in recent years built a big reputation for the quality of its sportfishing. The Bijagos Archipelago (a collection of 80-odd islands in the Atlantic) in particular has come to prominence as an extraordinary mixed fishery, with record-sized tarpon (150lbs and up is the norm), huge numbers of jacks, leerfish, barracuda, snapper and cobia among others. Almost all the species here grow to mind-boggling sizes, and all will test your tackle to the absolute limit.
Jigging, popping, bait and fly-fishing tactics all score. Fishing is predominantly done from boats, with wrecks and reefs holding the majority of the fish. That said, there are also opportunities for shore and rock fishing.
People tend to overuse the terms “virgin fishing” and “untouched waters”, but Guinea-Bissau is genuinely about as close as you’ll get. The Bijagos Archipelago has remained mercifully free of the overfishing that has decimated many west African waters, and the fishery here is simply teeming with life. See below for Fishipedia’s recommended operators for Guinea-Bissau fishing trips…


Photo credits: Salty Dog Game Fishing



Salty Dog Game Fishing

Fishipedia recommends UK-based Salty Dog Game Fishing. Run by South African fishing guide Paul Haldenwang (who doubles as a bass fishing guide working on the UK’s South Coast), Salty Dog run fully inclusive fishing trips to Orango Island, Guinea-Bissau, from November to April. Click here to find out more…