Florida West

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Stretching from Tarpon Bay, all the way up through Naples and beyond, the west coast of Florida spans a vast area of outstanding natural beauty and untold fishing opportunities. The Gulf of Mexico offers year-round wreck, reef and deep-sea fishing for a variety of species, while the backcountry fishing all along the coast is beyond compare. Whether you’re poling through the lagoons around the Gulf Islands or Tampa Bay, snook, redfish and speckled trout are never far away.
Then there’s the silver king. The west  coast of Florida is “tarpon central”, with huge numbers of these armour-plated leviathans showing up from May onwards on their annual migration. Get stuck into them as they stack up in Boca Grande Pass, or for something a little more refined, you can target them on the fly as they daisy-chain along the area’s beaches. Either way, it’s heart-stopping stuff.
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Photo credits: heydere