Bass fishing in France

Haute cuisine, Champagne, the bikini, Brigitte Bardot, Zinedine Zidane… just a handful of things we can thank the French for. And now they’ve got another string to their bow – bass fishing. The French are crazy about bass, or bar as they’re known across the Channel. In terms of numbers of fish, beautiful places in which to catch them, skilled and knowledgeable guides, evolution of tackle and tactics, the French are light years ahead of most other European countries. Even most Brits would accept (after a drink or two) that the French are out ahead of them. Of course, there are some excellent fisheries in England and Wales, but there’s no doubt that French waters now rival those of Ireland as the most sought-after destination for the travelling bass angler. The French have magazines devoted exclusively to bass fishing, and a bank of expertise built up through years of passionate devotion to their craft.
The geography is the foundation of it all. From Normandy down through Brittany, taking in the Bay of Brest and all the way down through the Bay of Biscay, the French coast is bass heaven. Rocky headlands, rugged and isolated islands, offshore wrecks, shallow inshore fisheries like the Gulf of Morbihan – whether you’re fishing from shore or a boat, France has it all. See below for some of the top bass-fishing guides in France:




Captain Bertrand GaujéCaptain Bertrand Gauje – Pirou, Normandy

Bass guide on the west coast of Normandy – offers a range of options including overnight trips with two days’ fishing and a night spent camping in the islands. Find out more

Captain Arnaud de WildenbergCaptain Arnaud de Wildenberg – Belle Ile, Brittany

Bass-fishing guide based on Belle Ile, off the coast of Brittany. A former photo-journalist, Arnaud is now one of the most respected guides in the Morbihan area. Find out more

Captain Bertrand FenartCaptain Bertrand Fenart – Morbihan, Brittany

Operating out of Arradon on the south-west coast of Brittany, Bertrand specialises in lure fishing for bass in the calm waters of the Gulf of Morbihan. Find out more

Captain Loic Lemare - Peche au Bar MorbihanCaptain Loic Lemare – Morbihan, Brittany

Operating out of Port Blanc in Brittany, Loic’s Peche au Bar Marbihan specialises in lure fishing for bass in the Gulf of Morbihan, Quiberon Bay and beyond. Find out more

Captain Franck ChoronCaptain Franck Choron – Cotes d’Amor, Brittany

Operates on the north coast of Brittany, targeting bass in the waters of the Cotes d’Amor, from Lézardrieux out to the Brehat Islands. Find out more

Captain Laurent CondouCaptain Laurent Condou – Arcachon Bay, Gironde

Specialises in light-tackle fishing for bass in Arcachon Bay (near Bordeaux), “Boboss” as he’s better known also offers tuna and shark fishing on request. Find out more

Captain Anthony GuenecCaptain Anthony Guenec – Loire

Lure specialist operating out of La Turballe in the Loire, specialising in bass fishing around the Guérande peninsula. Find out more