Catch-and-release confirmed for Florida bonefish

April 8th, 2011| No Comments

So it’s official. Florida’s bonefish will be breathing a small sigh of relief, after the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission this week confirmed the legislation that will make them a catch-and-release species in the state.

Only a small sigh of relief because, really, who’d want to eat one anyway? Nevertheless, it’s great news for the prized gamefish, and one that’s been welcomed by everyone concerned.

“Bonefish is one of  Florida’s ‘Rock Star’ species,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto.  “These  new rules will elevate the status and protection of bonefish in South Florida  and make it easy for anglers to document a record catch and enjoy bonefish  fishing tournaments.”

Pretty valuable rock stars at that. One recent study carried out by the University of Miami put the value of a single Florida Keys bonefish at $3,500 each year, making it worth nearly $75,000 over its lifetime.

Previously, fishermen were allowed to harvest one bonefish per day – not any more.

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