Top 5: Carp-on-the-Fly Videos

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Once upon a time the carp was trash. How things have changed. Fishipedia celebrates with some vids

Fishipedia Top 5: Carp on the Fly Videos

It’s the biggest change in fortunes since that frog got kissed and turned into a prince. You have to wonder what carp make of it all: one day there they were, minding their own business, largely ignored and unmolested by fly-rod-wielding fishermen. Then, without too much warning, something changed. It began to dawn on people that these supposed trash fish were in possession of serious speed and power, that they regularly gave anglers the chance to see what their backing looked like, and that, best of all, they could be sight-fished. In the process, everything changed for the carp clan, and they found themselves propelled reluctantly into the limelight. If you still haven’t found out what the fuss is all about, these videos should do the job: 

River Donkeys

OK, so not the most flattering title in the world, but probably just about fair. Filmed on the South Platte River in Colorado, some of the fish in this little montage more than earn their donkey moniker with their supercharged hindquarters and feisty temperament…

Holdin’ on to What’s Golden

There’s a little nod to the carp’s other nickname (the “golden bonefish”) in the title here. It also gives the guys who shot it the excuse to use a little Jurassic 5 soundtrack – and that’s never a bad thing.

Golden Ghost

OK, so there are some sweet fish in this video – no doubt about that. But the best bit has to be when he steps out on the bank and disturbs the school of fish. You’ll see what we mean…

Fly-Fishing for South Platte Carp

Back to the Platte for this one. It’s not one of fishing’s more picturesque locations, but the hog-like fish more than make up for any aesthetic failings. Got something of the backstreet brawl about it (but in a good way).

Flats of the Third Coast

Flats fishing? For carp? Yep, pretty much. And from certain angles the “flats” of Beaver Island (that’s in Lake Michigan if you didn’t know) as seen in this film look ever so slightly like those of Belize or the Bahamas. Shame about the weather in this one, but looks like they had fun all the same.

Flats of the Third Coast from FP Media on Vimeo.


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