Another day, another great bonefishing film

February 21st, 2011| 2 Comments

Just yesterday we posted an entry heaping praise onto J.L. Powell’s exquisite bonefishing short, 23 Degrees South.  Well, it seems they’re coming thick and fast right now – today we feel compelled to do the same thing all over again.

We’ve just been watching this great little film about fishing out of Salina Point Bonefish Lodge on Acklins Island – the newest lodge on the island, and purveyor of top-quality DIY bonefishing holidays for the budget-conscious bone-collector. Just check out some of the takes from tailing bones in the video:

So, massive respect to Paul P Jacob for his work here – pin-sharp pictures, flawless camera-work and some slick angling delivered to order all add up to an inspired little creation – and a great advert for both Salina Point and Reel Action Fly Fishing who offer trips there.

If you want to find out more about Salina Point Bonefish Lodge, click here

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    arons says

    Looks like some awesome fishing. Do bone fish have predators in water that shallow? What flies do you use to catch them?

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    fishipedia says

    Hey Arons,

    Great film isn’t it? Really makes you want to get straight out on the water…
    Bonefish do have predators in that depth of water – that’s partly why they’ve evolved the way they have. Their blistering pace gives them the chance to speed off the flat in search of the relative safety of deeper water, should the need arise. I recently got back from Andros Island, fishing in very similar conditions – barracuda and small sharks were never too far away, often dashing onto the flats when water depth would permit, grabbing the odd bonefish snack. It’s something you need to be aware of when you hook up, as the sharks see this as their opportunity to move in on the weakened prey. Of course, there’s always the aerial threat from birds of prey…
    As for what flies you would use – any of the traditional bonefish patterns (gotchas, crazy charlies, clousers, puffs) would work, but in water that shallow you’d need to make sure you had the lightweight versions to avoid spooking the fish.

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